Hannah Campbell



Images flicker
as a hurricane thunders in my head.
“When i’m an old lady,
I’m going to have my pick
of the young men”, she adds
              with a grin.
I lie restless on the floor, un-
kinked, de-knotted and limp.
“They’ll be like, ‘she’s Miss Mary Jane!’”
your voice crackles like leaves.

I have a dark side, but I also
like comedy, so I...

A hurricane flickers
as images thunder in my head.



Hannah Campbell writes: “I am Hannah the emerging writer-poet dance enthusiast. A gluten-free eating, book-devouring, word-salad kind of girl that laughs at every chance I can get, staring skyward at an unfolding life that is full of surprises. A health focus guides me as I play around with balance and boundaries; learning daily, moving daily, listening carefully to body messages. I make mistakes, I eat chocolate with abandon, I cherish my family and adore my friends. I believe in discovering your passions and following them wherever they lead. I believe in love, in family, in humour and in forgiveness. I believe in strawberries. I struggle just like everyone else but carry little stones in my pocket, stones of hope and a searching for something better. ‘Crossing’ was written after being hit by a car two years ago on a pedestrian crossing in Nelson. Boooooo! Ouch.”