Craig Cliff


You Jane Eyre, Me Tarzan Presley

You Jane Eyre, me Tarzan Presley 
You chocolate, me alcohol
You pink pyjamas, me Blur t-shirt
You parentheses, me square brackets
You fear of spiders, me fear of salad bars
You aerobic fitness, me pilates infomercial
You slow dancing, me the robot
You a little late, me a little uneasy
You emailing your ex, me checking your emails
You sorry, me silence
You silence, me changing the subject
You faux cheerful, me trust issues
You train to work, me stuck in traffic
You morning jog, me sleeping in 
You chocolate, me alcohol
You talk with your sister, me alcohol
You heart-to-heart, me silence
You career, me career
You London, me Wellington
You Jane Eyre, me Tarzan Presley



In 2008, Craig Cliff is attempting to write one million words while living in Edinburgh, the UNESCO City of Literature (whatever that means). You can follow his progress, and find links to more of his published work, at