Changming Yuan


Elm’s Agenda in Autumn

5am - 7: exhaling carbon dioxide together with fret and frenzy
7am - 7:30: reaching out its fingers to coop the first sunrays
7:30am - 8:getting ready to work
8am - 10:30: watching humans walking or working
10:30am - 10:45:taking a shower break
10:45am - 12:negotiating with crows and squirrels
12am - 1pm:taking a break from swirl winds
1pm - 5:taking off all decorations
5pm - 6:getting ready for the darkness
6pm - 10:keeping standing as the dusk closes its huge wings
10pm - 5am: witnessing dreams running rampant on the streets.



Changming Yuan grew up in rural China and authored several books before moving to Canada. Currently Yuan teaches college English in Vancouver and has had about 150 poems appearing or forthcoming online as well as in literary journals including Dalhousie Review (CA), The London Magazine (UK), Porcupine (US), Private (IT), Stylus (AU) and others.